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When people design and build their own environments, they take ownership of the places they create, sustain them long term, keep them safe, invest in them, and color them with their most precious expressions. 

We are a collection of people who believe that meaningful and impactful design should be accessible by all. We believe that good design solutions can greatly improve quality of life for all citizens.

We do anything from building, coordinating, drawing, fundraising, and advocating for good design throughout the greater Houston area. We are not afraid to get our hands dirty and we are at our best working with community partners to get the job done.

We work throughout Houston with an array of communities and organizations. The goal of all of these projects is to improve life for Houstonians and facilitate the amazing things that people accomplish in this city every day.

We work with management districts, non-profit organizations, individuals, etc. to manage projects, fundraise, and promote the idea of equitable design.

We work because we all love where we work, live, and play and we all love to see it grow and improve every day. We think that everyone should be able to see their ideas come to life, especially when those ideas shape our city for the better.